Your competent partner
for electrical distribution panels, heating and air conditioning

Permanent assurance of the highest quality is among the most important requirements of our clients. Therefore we dedicate our utmost attention to this subject. 

We ensure the top quality by: ISO
  • Qualified and well trained personnel
  • Strict entry control
  • inter-operational control between all manufacturing phases
  • 100% products expedition control and automated testing
All our products are 100% adjusted, checked and tested. Wiring inspection is running on automatic Adaptronic wiring test system. This system executes several hundreds of automatic cross-reference measurements (connection test, short circuit test, insulation test, component testing, functional testing of switches, relays and time relays) and thus any wiring error is excluded.
The same attention is applied in recruited personnel selection and continuous training process. Only qualified competent personnel coupled with high-quality technological equipment may ensure permanent quality guarantee.

Brema SK holds the following certificates: