Your competent partner
for electrical distribution panels, heating and air conditioning


Peter Penz, Vossloh Kiepe Ges.m.b.H.


After more than 7 years of collaboration and supply of electro- and HVAC components, subsystems and units for Vossloh Kiepe Austria, we can happily confirm that the services provided by Brema SK meet the needs of both, our company and our customers’ needs as well.

Appreciated is in particular the flexibility of the parallel production of variety of products, but also the possibility of short-term orders and deliveries and the supply of accompanying documentation.

Moreover, we rate the company Brema Sk as a reliable partner, who responds very quickly and efficiently to all customer-specific requirements, changes and deviations, thus ensuring the necessary delivery capacity.

Susanne Lossgott, Vossloh Kiepe Ges.m.b.H.
Supplier audit   10.3.2016
As part of our supplier evaluation among the aspects of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards the evaluation of your company was made on the following main criteria:
1.) Management System
2.) Quality Assurance Management
3.) Delivery reliability
4.) Cost compared to competitors
5.) Product quality
6.) Support
7.) Assistance in the processing
After analyzing this evaluated period of time with regard to the rated criteria your company reached total performance level of 91.1% and you are currently ranked as A - supplier at the company Vossloh Kiepe GmbH.

Ed Davies, Managing Director RedDOT Europe
Key points on Brema SK
Truly impressive operation with a high standard of staff, facilities and infrastructure.
On the shop floor at the time of my visit was assembly, test, charging and flashing of AC units for Noske Kaeser, Konvekta, and Vossloh Kiepe. All above our existing skill set.
Long term they offer partnership with RedDOT and an entry point to localization in Eastern Europe / Russia. They have: skills, capability, expansion land and desire to grow.

Supplier audit   12.6.- 13.6.2013
The audit was conducted in an open atmosphere. Free access to all desired areas, facilities and documents was granted.
The production areas are structured with the material flow and make a clean and tidy impression.
Remarkable is to mention the number, structured nature and depth of the guideline and proof documentation throughout the all audited area.


Supplier audit 26.01.16 - 27.01.16


Facilities: Conditions and state of the art.

Does the technical equipment meet our requirements? Basic equipment for our products available

Do the age structure and the maintenance of production equipment meet our requirements?

Tested and documented


Infrastructure: building and material flow?

Does the infrastructure of the site meet our requirements? Clean production divided into modules

Is the production well-structured and cleanly set up? Testing room very well equipped


Workforce Order Processing & Production skills?

Do the commercial and technical skills of the workforce meet our expectations?

Long-standing and qualified staff, capacity planning available


Workforce engineering & testing skills?

Is engineering and testing competency available?

Testing competency very good, Engineering to apply changes and production preparation available



Is there any special knowledge in the company available? Existing products are absolutely comparable with Stadler products. Requirements of existing customers (Vossloh Kiepe) very high

Are the processes defined and documented?
Processes are defined, documented and traceable. Production processes stable and well known.

Test certificates / Measurements gathering?

Availability of test certificates / Measurements gathering: Available
· Inspection of incoming goods? Performed according Working Instructions
· In the production area?
Test records are performed
· Final testing / final testing in production?
Analogue and digital tests are performed

Measuring equipment - Calibration?
Are the gauges and instruments systematically calibrated and maintained? Implemented.

Are defective materials and components labeled and sorted out and not simply delivered to Stadler Rail without prior consultation? Implemented.
Is there reporting available for products notwithstanding the specification? Implemented.

Is there guarantee that only current work instructions and specifications will be used? Are amendment process and/or a design & process-changing system in place? Implemented. Very good document management system through technology apt.